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Restructuring of Gaspé Anglican Churches

At the request of Bishop Dennis Drainville, the Greater Parish of Gaspé Advisory Council met on Wednesday 23 March at 7 P.M. at the Wakeham School. Thirty people attended. The Bishop announced that the current structure of the Greater Parish is not working and he has decided that at the end of the 2015 fiscal year the eight churches currently forming the Greater Parish be amalgamated into one. This decision was made in accordance with Canons 2 and 18, the Constitution and the authority given to the Bishop through the tradition of the Anglican Church
The Bishop explained he hoped a change in governance and a streamlining of the administration in the parish would allow for more effective decision-making and a more efficient use of resources. A meeting is already planned with the Executive Director (Marie-Sol Gaudreau) and the Registrar (James Sweeny) of the Diocese on April 18. The Bishop is going to ask that Ms Gaudreau and Mr Sweeny stay on an extra day to meet with as many members of the Greater Parish of Gaspé Advisory Council as can attend, to discuss the implication of this decision as a means to beginning the process of restructuring.