Genealogy You Say - The Preacher and his Young

For many the study of genealogy is imagined to be a dry, boring enterprise full of dates, names, useless information and the task of someone who has nothing else to take up their time and efforts. Not so - it can be a delightful quest, full of stories of intrigue, mishaps, and skullduggery and in this case a love story.
For many years I have been conducting research on my mother's family, the Boyle's, an early pioneering family of Gaspé,Basin, Quebec.  The Boyle family came to Gaspé, in 1789, from where no one knows for sure. Quite a few researches indicate that they originally came from Scotland to North America, perhaps with a stopover in the Boston area of Massachusetts and then on to Gaspé . What we do know for certain is that, once in Gaspé,, the family became involved in the whaling industry, the first Gaspé  family to do so, a trade perhaps taught to them by a member of the Coffin family from Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, a major New Eng

The Harbour - Gaspé, Quebec - Caputo Family Collection

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