The United Empire Loyalist of Gaspé

The Loyalists (those people who resided in the thirteen colonies who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution) contributed greatly to the development of the Gaspé Coast.  They brought with them many and varied skills that they would use to develop our region.  They would serve to defend our country during the war of 1812, provide educational institutions for their children and support the religious institutions of their choice.  Some would be shipbuilders, carpenters, blacksmiths, fishermen, teachers and some would even hunt the whale for the materials these creatures would provide.  Others would farm, raise cattle, sheep, and hens - all to provide for their families.  Those of us who live or lived on the Coast know how difficult this early settlement must have been: rocky soil, short seasons and incredibly hard winters to be contended with as well as outbreaks of various devastating diseases such as tuberculosis, small pox, and the flu viruses.  Life was not easy.  When work could not be found on the Coast we provided the cities and towns with workers who were known for their fine work ethic.
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Our special thank you to Mr. Frederick H. Hayward UE, Past Presendant of The United Empire Loyalsts' Association of Canada and Ms. Adelaide Lanktree UE, of the Sir John Johnson Branch of the UELAC.

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